Eco Specialized Public Library, a life changer who makes your life more eco-friendly

The Seocho-gu municipal ‘BANGBAESUP Eco Library’, which is operated by Ecomom Korea, opened in June 2023.

This library is the first environmentally specialized public library and the only one operated by consign management from an environmental NGO. It has been built as
a nature-friendly space with a total floor area of 1,632㎡ with an area of 1st basement and 2nd floors above the ground inside about 460,000㎡ Seoripul Neighborhood Park.

Each library archive has books in various fields dealing with environmental issues so that you can find books on environmental topics anywhere. In addition, it is a place for
a community that thinks, experiences, acts, and spreads the environment through reading culture and activities on various environmental topics.

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