Global Ecoleader YOUTH


Global Ecoleader YOUTH leading sustainable society and changing schools and neighborhoods.

Since 2011, we have undergone a yearlong environmental education programs with the theme of ‘My small habits change the world’.

These programs educate youth Ecoleaders to have Eco Habit which means eco-friendly lifestyles and leadership.
As of January 2023, we have trained about 4,900 elementary, middle, high school students and youth. Not only Expert mentors, but also government organizations and companies have joined us to foster Ecoleaders.

Since 2014, we have been the first Korean NGO to make a contract of MOU and co-host programs with the UNEP since 2015; an international environmental organization.

Global Ecoleader Video

  • 2022 글로벌에코리더 YOUTH 상반기 성과공유회 <B.HPP Festival>

  • 유엔환경계획(UNEP)과 함께하는 비치코밍 캠페인 <Plastic Tide Turners Challenge>

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