UN Youth Environmental Conference


Through Discussion and Communication instead of Competition,
the only Youth Environmental Conference with UN in Korea.

From elementary to high school students and YOUTH participate as representatives of each country to discuss and announce sustainable solutions for the earth in the same manner as the UN conference.

As of January 2023, about 3,100 students (Elementary/Middle/High school students, and YOUTH, including participating from Korea, USA, Japan, China etc.) have experienced the UN General Assembly Conference. We are managing this program with Ban Ki-moon, the eighth Secretary-General of the United Nations, UNEP, WFUNA, Environment Ministry of the Korea, Foreign Ministry of Korea, and several government organizations including embassies of each country in Korea.

Starting as GGGI conference in 2013, we signed MOU with UNEP and WFUNA in 2014, holding UN Youth Environment Conference together from 2015.

UN Youth Environmental Conference Video

  • #2022 UN청소년환경총회(10th) 기후위기를 극복하기 위해 모인 청소년&청년 자원순환 대장정!

  • #기후위기 #미래세대 UN청소년환경총회 10Years 드림워크

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