Ecomom Korea



My small habits change the world

Please join [Ecomom Korea] that practices Eco-life.

  • The earth day in 2009, [Ecomom Korea]
    started out as NGO. Now, 68,000 members join us.
    Under the vision of ‘inculcating values of
    environment in Korea’, we have been educating
    Eco-leaders who lead sustainable development
    and making our daily habits into Eco-life culture.

  • As of January 2021, 187,000 people
    have participated in our environmental
    education programs and 30,000 people
    are joining our programs

  • Environmental Health Institute visit
    senior citizens of 2,000 apartments annually.
    Moreover, we also have visited daycare center
    and kindergarten to take care of vulnerable groups.
    We protect the earth and health of a lot of
    people by suggesting policy regarding fine dust
    and chemicals.