Ecomom Korea

People with Ecomom Korea

People with Ecomom Korea
Chief Director
Jiwon Ha President of Ecomom korea
Daesung Kang CEO of Goodpeople NGO, Former CEO of SK Happinessnarae
Sangil Kim CEO of Taepyeong Salt Farm
Sangim Kim CEO of Blooming Management Institute
Sungwoo Kim Director of the Environmental Energy Research Institute of Kim & Chang Law Firm, Former Private sector Representative of Observer Directory of GCF
Seongil Kim Professor of Department of Forest Science, Seoul National University
Jihwan Kim CTO of NOVACOS
Myunghui Moon Headquarter Director of Ecomom Korea
Seonghui Park Professor of Communication and Media, College of Social Science, Ewha Womans University
Dongchun Shin Professor of Department of preventive Medicine and Public Health, Yonsei University
Chulho Shin Chairman of M&C Life Sciences
Namsik Lee Chairman of the 2nd School Creation Committee, Suwon University
Younhshin Lee CEO of KRPIA
Taeyoung Lee CEO of KC Green Holdings
Museon Cho CEO of JL Art
Yongsung Cho Professor of Department of Food and Resources Economics, Korea University/ Director of Energy Research Department, Seoul Energy Corporation
Sohyun Choi Chief Executive Officer of Perception
Deoksang Kim President of Sartorius Korea Biotech
Gyuihoon Lee CEO of Mediasalt
Changhee Kang Former Chairman of National Assembly
Myungja Kim Chairman of the Korea Federation of Science and Technology Societies / Former president of the Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Gyungsik Son Chairman of CJ Group/ Former Chairman of the Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Jun Oh Chief director of Save The Children, Former Ambassador of United Nations
Junha Yoon Chairman of the Board of Eco-living Cooperative Association
Gyuyong Lee Standing advisor of Kim & Chang Law Firm, Former Minister of Environment
Jin Lee Former Vice-Minister of Environment
Jaeyoon Kim Executive officer of Samil accounting firm
Myeonghun Choo Senior Foreign Attorney of DR & AJU International Law Group
Chief of Environmental Health Institute
Soojong Hong Chief of Environmental Health Center, Asan Medical Center
An Expert Committee
Education Committee / Environmental Health Committee / International Cooperation Committee / Media and Publicity Committee / UNEP friends.