Eco Now



With Eco Now who change
your habits by moving your mind!

I’m Jiwon Ha, the president of [Eco Now]

As you are probably all aware of, the earth we live on is currently in a lot of pain.
Then, what should we do?

[Eco Now] wants to move people’s mind into an action.
In order to ensure more and more people can change the world through the smallest habits,
I would strongly like to happily encourage children to participate in the environmental education programs and campaigns. This campaign will improve children’s good habits while motivating others to change their awareness in the environment.

I will work harder on how to rightfully deal with harmful substances through education, promotion,
and policy suggestions.

[Eco Now] would greatly like to appreciate all of our friends and families who has been supportive of protecting the earth and making changes in the world.

Saving the earth and protecting our future generation with a mind of a loving parent,
Please join [Eco Now].

PhD in Earth and Environment
EU Climate Action Goodwill Ambassador
Expert member of the National Council on Climate and Air Quality
Member of the Presidential Committee on Green Growthr
Advisor, The National Assembly UN SDGs Forum
Principal Professor of Graduate School of Public Policy and Management, Suwon University
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